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配合马来西亚比利时双边贸易60周年以及比利时国王日(Belgium’s King’s Day),马来西亚比利时卢森堡商会(MBLBC)与比利时大使馆阔别4年再度合作呈现The Young Malaysians Go Classic II 演奏会(YMGC II)。

The Young Malaysians Go Classic II 演奏会将于11月16日假Connecion @ Nexus Bangsar South举办,带来1492: Conquest of Paradise by Vangelis、Spectre – James Bond主题曲Writing on the Wall、Les Miserables Collection等一系列耳熟能详的欧美乐曲。即使不熟悉古典乐,你也能沉醉悠扬的旋律中。

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Established in 1980, MBLBC is a non-profit organisation which aims to assist people and businesses from Belgium and Luxembourg in Malaysia, and strengthen their ties with the Malaysian business community.

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