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The MBLBC’s garden party was recently held at the home of Daniel Pans, MBLBC’s President. Being a garden party, MBLBC members were able to bring their kids and spouses along, for an evening filled with fun & games for the children and some casual business conversations amongst the adults.

Children were able to use the swimming pool, play some soccer or relax in the mini-theatre with their favorite cartoons on, while the adults mingled to foster new relationships. Authentic Belgian cuisine was available for all, as well as famous Belgian beers.

MBLBC’s Annual General Meeting was then held where four new Members of the Board were elected.

Mrs Pauline Goh of Invest KL
Mr Maarten Van Lysebettens of Victor Buyck Steel
Mr Jean-Louis Couzet of Biotec International Asia
Mr Olivier de Biolley of Promat Malaysia

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Established in 1980, MBLBC is a non-profit organisation which aims to assist people and businesses from Belgium and Luxembourg in Malaysia, and strengthen their ties with the Malaysian business community.

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