Daniel’s resourceful and strong leadership track record, notably in cross-cultural business goes way back to his school days when he used to work on his father’s fruit-orchards in Haspengouw, Belgium. With over 150 fruit-harvesters of multi-ethnic origin, sign-language was often the only way to get a message across. By the time he graduated from the University of Antwerp, with a Masters Degree in Applied Economic Sciences, he had already made a considerable amount of money from a student-guide published during his university years.

Daniel moved to Japan in 1993, where he secured a consultancy contract from three Belgian companies: de TienseSuikerrafinaderij (Tienen Sugar), the Belgian Pork Meat Association and NoordNatie, a stevedoring company from Antwerp, now owned by the Port of Singapore Authority. It was the start of DPO International.

From a one-man food marketing consultancy and offer agent for European food manufacturers, today DPO International operates a strategic network of 20 own sales-offices and 25 warehouses across Asia. It is a leading importer, marketer and distributor of global food innovations to the local food industry.

Always encouraging economic growth, Daniel has been actively involved in networking and developing close ties with the local and international business community since his appointment as “Advisor to the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Trade” in 2008. He is currently the President, and the driving force behind the Malaysia-Belgium-Luxembourg Business Council (MBLBC) as well as the Director of the EU-Malaysian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EUMCCI). Through these platforms, Daniel developed the framework of the EU-ASEAN Forum on Food Safety, now in its 4th year running, which has become a flagship platform for the EU and ASEAN communities in the public and private sector to discuss regulatory challenges and opportunities for the unification of standards in food safety throughout the region. In 2018, Daniel was awarded with Officer in the Order of the Crown, one of Belgium’s highest honours.

He is married to Isabelle and has 4 children.