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King’s Day Celebration 2015 held at the prestigious Renaissance Hotel in Kuala Lumpur

Join us this 16 November 2017 as we celebrate Belgium’s King’s Day, a night where we will commemorate the uniqueness of Belgian culture. Being a country that has a rich and diverse music heritage, we are proud to announce that the Young Malaysians Go Classic II will be performing breath-taking musical sets conducted by Belgium’s very own Dirk Brosse.

King’s Day – A Brief History

Ever since 1866, for over 148 years King’s Day has been celebrated in honour of the Belgian monarch. 15 November marks the first day of the Feast of Saint Leopold in the German liturgical calendar, while it is the Feast of Saint Albert in the Roman Catholic Calendar.

Initially called ‘Day of Dynasty’ or ‘Feast of Dynasty’, the term ‘King’s Day’ was made official after a circular was issued by the government in 1953.

Belgium’s first two kings and the country’s fourth King were called Leopold, while the third and sixth King of the Belgians was called Albert. he late King Boudewijn kept up the tradition of royal celebrations on 15 November.

Belgium’s current king, King Philippe was crowned King on the 21st of July 2013.

60 years of friendship

This year also marks 60 years of bilateral ties between Belgium & Malaysia. The logo shown above symbolises the harmonious relations between Malaysia and Belgium by showcasing the Malaysian national flower, the Bunga Raya and a butterfly that stands for beauty, freedom, transformation and development.

Here’s to many more years of friendship between ‘Royaume de Belgique’ & a country that is ‘Truly Asia’.

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Established in 1980, MBLBC is a non-profit organisation which aims to assist people and businesses from Belgium and Luxembourg in Malaysia, and strengthen their ties with the Malaysian business community.

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