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Jeremy Koo, Senior Marketing Manager of Westport took MBLBC members on a stunning tour of Westport by Oleon, one of the BEST and most productive ports in the world right here in Malaysia.

Starting from Westport’s 18th Floor Observation Deck, MBLBC members were briefed on the extremely high tech infrastructure Westport has got to offer and as well as some statistics of ports worldwide as compared to Westport.

Members were then taken on a tour through the port itself, showcasing massive ships, machinery and even quay cranes that were the largest in the world.

Westport boasts a total quay length of 4.6 kilometers and by employing more than 4,500 staff, Westport is able to deliver an average crane productivity of 35 gross moves per hour and over the vessel productivity of above 100 gross moves per hour with minimum 3 cranes operation, one of the best productivity performances in the world when it comes to ports.

They were also the first port in the world to incorporate an online booking system where shipping clients could pay & book for berths, settle customs clearances and more, all with just a click of a button. This achievement brought Westport a Gold Award for IT in May 2007.

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